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I'm a passionate illustrator by training and a graphic designer by trade. I've been married since 2001 to Elizabeth, the love of my life, and I'm a father to two extremely talented and amazing children.

Since 1996, I have been working in the Advertising and Marketing world, having completed tours of duty in many of the top world agencies, including the likes of Young & Rubicam and Leo Burnette, but have since found a home in Centigrade, a luxury-brand events marketing team based in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from the Center (now College) for Creative Studies (CCS) in 2001 with a BFA in Fine Arts (Illustration) with a particular interest in then-budding digital techniques. In 2006 I was invited back to CCS as an adjunct professor by Department Chair, Gil Ashby, to instruct illustration classes specializing in digital techniques, which I have highly enjoyed doing ever since. Every semester is a wonderful campaign of skill and passion. I find that teaching is a perfect tool to round out my own career; it keeps me grounded in my professional endeavors, and allows me to remain creative and explorative with the upcoming powerhouses and techniques.

I have extremely strong interests in human growth and knowledge. I've always been more reserved than my friends, despite many desperate attempts growing up to prove otherwise. As an adult, I find myself heavily burdened by the News Media and Hollywood culture; the general celebration of self-gratification and folly. As the world becomes more digital and more on-demand, I find that our human connection to other minds has dulled. Being able to access anything at any time has reduced the significance of these talents and skills. I make a career of crafting work in and for the digital spaces, so the hypocrisy is not lost on me — but I try to balance this with a renewed appreciation the tangible, the real, the now. I do this by connecting to the past and understanding their struggles and how they overcame. And by focusing on the the present; how I am raising my children, and what I personally endorse simply by consuming it. The digital world is still my home in many regards, and I do not pretend to fight it. But instead of supporting the shallow endeavors (my opinion) blatantly obvious Corporate Machines, I try to seek out and champion the underdogs — which is to say, the powerful talents of true skill overshadowed by the over-processed glamour of the industrialized.

I will conclude my diatribe in saying that all talent is noble and good, and I do not hold any grudge or ill will toward those individuals whom have travelled a more self-gratifying road. Talent is talent. But with age I find that I prefer the talents and intellectuals whom couple their power with compassion. Not with a desire for the limelight.


  • [2013-01-17] version 4.0 launched


  • [2013-01-17] version 4.0 launched

  • Kyleigh's "Alien" added to Home Page! Woot!
Bits n' Bobs

Lindsey Stirling, Violinist

Currently hovering at something like 5,300,201 consecutive plays in my Itunes, Lindsey Stirling is the greatest thing to happen to nerds since science-fiction.

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang has recently caught my eye for her beautiful use of color. Expressive and authentic, she's a great talent to follow.

Cyberoptix Ties and Scarves ...That Don't Suck!

Cyberoptix Tie Lab is a local silk-screen studio specializing in awesome. Highly endorsed.

Disney's Paperman

Though the animation techniques may be groundbreaking, the emotional content of Disney's Paperman is as old as time.


Because I miss it. I wonder what ever happened to my dad's old Pong system? I played it for hours. I was 5.
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